Say You Love Me

So the draw of Ms V’s choreography was truly alluring.

And I am back in lyrical class dancin’ to “Say You Love Me”, this time under Ms J who has been just awesome! Love the technical breakdowns, the details and the demonstrations so much! Contemporary or sexy – she does it all!

The most challenging part of the routine after having gone through 3 weeks of this term? That dreaded little jump-turn-and-land-gracefully move on the floor :p …  I just simply canNOT make that calf muscle do a little jump and co-ordinate the other limbs together for that move. Honestly, that is an advanced move for me. *hmrumph*

Still trying to flatten that split. Much prefer splits on the floor or with some form of “pivot” to help with the flattening –  mm, how do I make more space for the arms? *short arms problems*


101,101,101,101 times

Ok, so I probably told myself that number of times  (*maybe more) to let go of my right hand on the pole so that my right foot can slip under to extend into a split. And then another 101,101,101,101 times (*maybe more) to let go of my right hand again so I can release that right foot and come down.

This combo probably is one of the scariest I’ve ever done. Deceivingly chill and simple as teacher M demonstrated effortlessly. But oh my goodness, up there in that shoulder mount cup grip, I needed every limb and flesh on the pole to feel secure.

And 6 lessons later, tada! I did it! Of course, that right hand only left the pole after I felt absolutely secure. Yup, it took me 6 weeks to feel secure enough 🙂 … I still can’t do the grip change with both legs in a straddle. But am happy with the little progress and safety is still paramount 🙂

Just placing that right hand on the right leg in the picture on the left corner is a huge achievement!

Love the song and all the new stuff am learning!

“Are we there yet? ….”

This term’s lyrical routine has been challenging …. there are quite a few combos and the song is pretty l-o-n-g. So, there were a couple of times I figured what we were learning was either the last big combo, or the end of a combo only to find there are more combos and more tricks to a combo.

But I finally managed to get my chopsticks move decently horizontal! Of the many many times I’ve tried it, it happened only a grand total of once where I actually managed a good grip on the waist such that lifting up the back leg actually felt so much easier. There was a sudden “ahhhhh … so this is how it should be” feeling. As Ms V said, it was important to keep the pole at the fleshy part of the waist from the flatline move. Having the extra “pivot” at the waist indeed helped me to balance out horizontally.

The one and only decent chopsticks :p

Don’t know if I can repeat the “aha” moment again. Hopefully. *fingers crossed*

And we are finally at the end of the routine ! I started really excited about this routine. Now at the end, what I’ve learnt and experienced has definitely matched the initial excitement … possibly even more! 🙂

Back to lyrical!!!

I saw the timetable and when the timing for lyrical class fit, I knew I had to do it 🙂 … so yes, am back to doing lyrical this term … but with heels! My first junkie routine on static pole was a great adventure last term but with the niggling wrist strain and that desire to do a lyrical piece (especially with teacher V), I decided it was back to lyrical! If only I had the time to do 2 classes …

So, we are already into the third week of this term’s choreography. And I have not inverted at all! But, oh what a ride it has been remaining upright and learning to be graceful …

Learnt many new tricks without inverting and after inspecting my arm pit and the back of my shoulder, upright tricks are really not easy :p …

I still can’t swing my right leg back smoothly to get into the “snake” move and I probably look like a very lost caterpillar in comparison. But this routine is really special!!

Splitty stuff this term!

Exciting things ahead, I think … And I can’t wait to learn more new stuff!! 🙂



What have I been doing / dancin’ all this while? 🙂

Yes, it’s been a while since I last updated this space. Lotsa stuff going on and competing for attention. But am glad I chose to protect my weekly hour dose of pole. After all these years, I have realised that hanging upside down does help me to straighten out 🙂

Decided to have a go at pole junkie this term! My first shot at a junkie routine. It’s already the end of week 6 and I am still finding that elusive cartwheel totally i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e. Not to mention the phobia I have about cartwheels. I can’t seem to find that tipping point where I can confidently swing my leg over my head without the fear of crashing :I

It has been a challenging 6 weeks of pole as I grappled with the new tricks and new shapes. Am still feeling the niggling soreness / pain in the wrist from an overstrain in week 1. Just 1 term of junkie and am feeling the effects on the body :p …

BUT it has been such a great learning journey. I remember ending the first class reeling in disbelief at what I had to do in the routine and not being able to do anything. To finally being able (albeit 6 weeks later) to at least form some shapes that vaguely look like the fluid and beautiful shapes N taught and demonstrated.


It’s already mid Feb – but here’s to another pole year of more learning and dancing!

Hide me away …

Things have been challenging and beyond me. I long for a change. Maybe I am just not cut out for this. Fear of consequences and the unknown can be so unsettling. And all I can really do is to trust and rest in His secret place where His perfect love drives out all fear.

So I stepped into the studio with loads on my mind. This was really what I was looking forward to the entire week. Where the spinning, dancing and inverting can help to empty out the heavy thoughts. Where all I needed to do was to do what I love doing. How precious is that. Simple but something I yearn more of.

Cannot flatten that back leg :(

Cannot flatten that back leg  😦

Thank you, N. For letting me hide away for that weekly hour to do what I love doing.

Learning new shapes

Learning new shapes

We will get there …

It’s been a while.


But yes, the bottom leg got straightened / sorted out through the weeks 🙂 … Still not the nicest angle and the arm feels like it is burning at times.

But slowly, we will get there. At times, I do wish I were stronger or more flexible. But then I remember the past journey and somehow, the road ahead becomes exciting once more 🙂


What a beautiful place

I finally just got to attend my very first class at TBB this term.  “What do you mean “just“?” Yes, I know. TBB has been in operations for a while now. But until recently, all I could manage of the revamped place that was so very close to my heart for many years was to look (longingly) at videos and photos of what other ladies posted on their facebook.

So, the excitement and anticipation of going back to the studio were very real. I stepped in. Ahhhh. The dark walls and warm yellow lighting beckoned to me. I heard the familiar strains of instructors’ voices and music.

And guess who I found? L!!! Yup, in her dance gear and dancing! Ahhhhh. Yes, the very special teacher and dancer whom I had followed right from the Millenia Walk days and never regretted a moment ever since 🙂 … It was indeed a very special Saturday!

There I was. Those brass poles. The familiar faces. The gorgeous lighting. What a beautiful place. Not just the tangible newness. But all the unseen precious memories that lay within those walls.

Learning new tricks!

Learning new tricks!

Yes, it is back to a lyrical routine for me this term. Bare feet and all. And what a treat to be back here!


I will attempt to straighten the bottom leg for a start!

Heels, rolls and waves

I have yet to post anything on the new routine for this term. Probably because I am still struggling to find my footing :p …

The tricks this term are not as difficult as last term’s. BUT argh …. I have not danced in heels nor to a sexy number since the preggers days! That means almost 3 years now.

So, what kind of dancin’ stuff have I been up to of late? Trying to look not-so-constipated whilst doing body waves, trying to invert with nice lines with my heels on, and trying to have head rolls that do not look like I am in some sorta spasm.

And it’s been a genuine struggle for me. I thought I caught the hubs trying to smother a smile whilst viewing my videos.

Awkward in my heels :p

Awkward in my heels …

After this term’s experience, I think I can conclude I am more comfortable with the lyrical style of dancin’ because I so can NOT be sexay whilst dancing no matter how hard I try. :p … But I have 1 more week to try to connect back with my sexy pole dancing roots! And yes, I will keep on trying! 🙂

Something old, something new

I made it 🙂 … I completed 8 weeks working on this routine!

This routine somehow felt extra special.

Since coming back to pole after the baby, I’ve been taking things at a slower pace as compared to what I used to subject my body to pre-pregnancy. Pole-ing post-pregnancy was more about flowing with the music and working on my lines. So to do a routine with pre-pregnancy tricks like extended butterfly and handstands this term was daunting.


But, I loved it 🙂

Throw in new tricks and grip holds I have never attempted before – and that was enough to get me all excited!

That liberation of flying and spinning felt new again. Maybe the body is finally ready for more. Thanks N for the awesome choreography, and thanks M, J and N for the classes!